The Power of Melimpus:
meet the team

Melimpus was founded by a team of experienced professionals who have seen too many teammates suffer from burnout. They share a common passion to improve mental wellbeing at work.

The three founders of Melimpus

« VR can play a crucial role in both prevention and recovery of burnout »

Dr Arnaud Bosteels

The story of Melimpus

Dr Arnaud Bosteels launched the Melimpus project in the belief that immersive technology like VR represents a valuable addition to supporting mental health in the workplace.

The subject has been a prominent challenge for years. Dr Bosteels’ personal experiences of colleagues grappling with issues such as burnout intensified his awareness of the matter. And as a regular user of medical VR, he recognized the unique capabilities with which virtual reality could potentially address the diverse spectrum of mental health concerns.

The passion from dedicated mental health therapists further emphasised the need for such a tool. Yet, having an idea is just the beginning. It takes a collaborative effort to elevate it to the next level. Melimpus is the result of the efforts of an ambitious team with the courage to make such an innovative concept a reality.

What’s in a name?

Melampous, a mythological Greek healer from around 1400 BC, was famous for his prophetic and psychiatric abilities. He is best known as a doctor of the soul (psyche) who could understand animal speech as well as foresee the future. He also learned medicine, using his gifts to discover the root causes of illnesses and the appropriate medicines to cure them.

He famously cured a king's son of impotence using the psychoanalytic method of analysing the creation of a symptom.  Melampous also cured the women of Argos from insanity using the hellebore plant, and in doing so became a pioneer of psychopharmacology. He was even made the ruler of Argos as a reward for his cure.

In terms of our name, we wanted to incorporate ‘IM’ to reflect our immersive VR technologies we use. And so the name Melimpus was born. We honor Melampous's legacy by combining his name with our cutting-edge technology to promote healing and wellbeing.

Our logo is inspired by the ear-shaped Melampus Liberianus shell – a constant reminder that making a positive impact in people’s lives always starts by listening.

Our values

  • Our primary responsibility is to our customers. We create meaningful innovations based on scientific rigour to support their work and earn their trust. We constantly think ahead and continuously improve.

  • As a team, we also have a responsibility to each other, maintaining an environment that makes working together a pleasure. We are respectful and honest: this is the foundation for mutual trust. We challenge each other and support each other in achieving our professional ambitions.

  • Our final responsibility is to our investors. Business must make a profit, so we are reliable and committed to results. As change is the only constant, we remain flexible, take risks, and learn from our mistakes.


Gaetan van Wijck


Stéphanie Delroisse, PhD

Psychology & Content

Arnaud Bosteels, MD

Innovation & Partnerships

Brice Dessain

Business Development