Melimpus RTW has already shown promising results. The tool is now undergoing robust clinical validation to prove that it helps people return to work faster, prevent burnout, and reduce the risk of a relapse.

Virtual Reality is a proven therapeutic and training tool

Virtual reality has proven its efficacy in exposure therapy, helping individuals to overcome phobias, anxiety and PTSD by safely immersing them in triggering situations¹.

By recreating anxiety-inducing scenarios within a controlled space, VR allows individuals to gradually confront and conquer their fears. It has also demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in developing soft skills. The ability to customise repetitive exposure to the user’s makes the training even more effective and true-to-life.

¹ Rizzo & Koenig, 2017

Melimpus RTW has shown promising clinical results

The Melimpus RTW unique VR experience has already been validated by two pilot studies.

  • Over 70% of patients felt like they really were at work.
  • 80% reported discussions were real.
  • 90% of users experienced work-related stress.
  • Over 80% would repeat the experience.

Two additional trials are currently enrolling users:

  • A prospective trial to validate the VR environment.
  • A prospective trial to validate the efficacy of Return-to-Work scores.


We help people train to return to work

Through the power of Virtual Reality, health therapists can immerse their clients in a controlled environment in which they learn to cope with typical workplace scenarios, prepare for reintegration, and develop useful soft skills.