Melimpus Return-To-Work (RTW) is a training tool specifically developed for practitioners to help their clients accelerate work reintegration and prevent any relapse following a prolonged absence.

The challenge of returning to work after a prolonged absence

Long periods of health issues, such as burnout, can cause people to struggle with a loss of confidence in themselves – not to mention a potential erosion of soft skills. The fear of judgement can exacerbate stress levels. Failing to adequately prepare for a Return-to-Work increases the risk of a relapse, which can result in additional time off. A thoughtful approach is required to fully address these challenges and ensure a smoother, more successful transition back into the workforce.

Melimpus helps people prepare for a return to work

Melimpus empowers people to develop effective coping mechanisms for anxiety, and rebuild skills within a controlled VR setting.

Under the close guidance of an expert practitioner, users are exposed to a range of lifelike scenarios to progressively strengthen their resilience and enhance their ability to work with others.

These immersive virtual reality experiences empower individuals to navigate challenging situations with newfound confidence and adeptness.

How does it work?

Training typically lasts for 15 to 45 minutes. It can be repeated over several sessions until the user feels comfortable in each environment.

  • Initial discussion

    The practitioner assesses the skills that require rebuilding.

  • First step into VR

    The user puts on the VR headset, with the practitioner customizing the exposure and monitoring the experience on a separate screen. After each exposure, they discuss the situation and how best to cope with it.

  • Repeat sessions

    The practitioner can finetune the intensity of each scenario, repeating sessions until the user feels comfortable in managing any given situation.

Examples of training situations

  • Share vulnerabilities with colleagues

  • Manage emails and meetings

  • Learn to say no

  • Present to a team

  • Receive feedback

  • Ask for help

Melimpus RTW also helps to build soft skills

Melimpus also helps users to improve the way they communicate, allowing them to safely develop empathy, enhance presentation skills, effectively assert themselves, or practice asking for help. Simulated scenarios show them how to overcome challenges and make effective decisions, contributing to their overall personal and professional growth and mental health.