Bring people
back to work

Melimpus uses the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to help people return to work. Designed to support therapists in preparing their clients for everyday work situations, this unique training tool has been validated by two pilot studies.

A smooth pathway to job reintegration after a prolonged absence

With Melimpus Return-to-Work (RTW), therapists can customise the exposure to the individual’s needs and choose the appropriate difficult level. Their clients can then practise work situations in a safe and controlled environment as many times as needed. Therapists can directly observe users’ reactions and identify potential barriers. They can adjust the training and better assess someone’s readiness to return to work.

Our strengths

  • Scientifically validated

    Melimpus RTW is based on exposure therapy and is undergoing clinical trials.

  • Led by health professionals

    The training tool is designed by practitioners and validated by health professionals.

  • The power of VR

    A controlled VR environment allows individuals to gradually confront their fears, regulate emotions, and build their skills.

Based on scientific evidence

Virtual Reality is a proven therapeutic tool. By creating immersive and realistic environments, VR offers a unique opportunity to address psychological, physical, and emotional issues.

In terms of mental health, the technology has been effectively used for exposure therapy, helping individuals to overcome phobias, anxiety, burnout, and PTSD by safely exposing them to triggering situations.